Electronic measuring machine for leathers
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Electronic pigment economizer

General features

Fluorescent 40 characters alpha-numerical display with messages type "menu" - interaction with the operator. Use of standard computer language.

Entering of the data corresponding to the shape of the system. Automatic signalling of entering faults.
Automatic recall of a set of 4 memorized settings.

SELIN micro-controller serial detecting bar. Also available with optical system for remote detecting, as well as in Explosion-Proof version according with CENELEC rules.
Detecting up to 128 independent reading lines.

SELIN Slip Ring Unit at rotating rings for rotative or elliptic spray systems. Available also in EEx-d ( Explosion-Proof ) version.

Sealed protected keyboards for the selecting, operating and setting controls
Luminous signal leds corresponding to the operating controls, both manual and automatic.

Controls for standard and special spray-booths, of whatever type, double, counter-placed, alternative, rotative elliptic, and for horizontal or vertical reciprocator, for the finishing of skins, leather, plastic, wood, metal etc.
Possibility of control of simple robot system and of linking with Host-Computer



  • Possibility of control of simple robot system and of linking with Host-Computer


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Selin Projects targets its measuring machines for finished leather or wet blue leathers and its electronic systems to the tanning industry sectors and to the districts specialized in the various commodity destinations: footwear, leather goods, furniture, leather clothing, automotive.