Electronic measuring machine for leathers
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Roller type area measuring machine. High precision and maximum flexibility with any type of soft leather

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Electronic measuring machine for finished leathers

General features

Reduced sizes, high accuracy and flexible use measuring machine suitable to measure every type of soft or firm leather.

The measuring system with independent rollers allows the stretching and the perfect detection even of the most irregular leathers.
The measuring rollers with two stainless steel swing-arms (patented), the main chromium plated steel conveying rollers and the stainless steel creeping tables grant high reliability and long life.

The machine may be used with one operator back-feed measuring mode or two operators through-feed measuring mode:

  • the model ROLLMIR-ST has an auxiliary tape conveyor with sliding position and two running directions that allows automatic transit of the leathers: in back-feed mode the leathers come back to the feeding operator hands, in through-feed mode it is possible to transfer the leathers directly on another next conveyor (i.e. stacker).

A revolving operator interface with video and keyboard grants a clear reading-out of the measuring data and an easy and quick access to all the machine functions, it's also completed by a quick bicolour alphanumerical printer.



  • Measuring rollers with two stainless steel swing-arms
  • High precision measurement with 20 mm. reading pitch
  • Multiprocessor electronic
  • Allows single operator measuring mode


Available models and dimensions

(A width, L lenght, L1 open lenght, H height, mm)

1600 1870 1470 1900 1740
2100 2350 1470 1900 1740
3200 3470 1470/1650 1900/2100 1740


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Selin Projects targets its measuring machines for finished leather or wet blue leathers and its electronic systems to the tanning industry sectors and to the districts specialized in the various commodity destinations: footwear, leather goods, furniture, leather clothing, automotive.