Electronic measuring machine for leathers
Tannery Industry machines

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ROLLMIR - roller measuring machines

Universal area measuring machine for finished leathers. Maximum flexibility

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LINEAR PLUS - vacuum system conveyor

Area measuring machine for finished leathers. Maximum reliability and speed in measurement

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STANDARD - tape conveyor measuring machines

Area measuring machine for finished leathers. Quick and reliable measurement.

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High quality machines for tanning industry

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SELIN PROJECTS: designs and manufactures measuring machines and electronic equipments for tanning industry automation.

SELIN, in the tanning industry, is synonymous with Industrial Electronics applied to leather measurement. A skill that comes from more than 50 years of activity.
An experience that has its roots in a region, Emilia Romagna, with a strong technical tradition, mechanical and electronic.

Who we are

The experience and business reputation acquired under the SELIN brand, over the years has given the company an image and a recognizability as a world leader in the field of electronic measurement control for the tanning industry. Today SELIN PROJECTS proposes itself with a range of machines and solutions characterized by high quality standards.


  • Great experience in the sector
  • Systems reliability and safety
  • High quality technological solutions
  • Attention to the customer
  • Competence and professionalism of resources
  • Commercial orientation based on the ethics of relationships and respect for expectations

Our Customers

SELIN PROJECTS reference customers consist mainly of Tanning Industries all over the world, who wish to favor the quality and reliability of high precision electronic measuring machines.

We especially address the following sectors:
- tannery
- shoe factory
- leather goods
- furniture
- automotive

Selin Projects targets its measuring machines for finished leather or wet blue leathers and its electronic systems to the tanning industry sectors and to the districts specialized in the various commodity destinations: footwear, leather goods, furniture, leather clothing, automotive.